All great ideas start somewhere. The way they evolve is a result of the changing demands of customers and the pursuit of ever better. This is the evolution of Unilite’s inspection light range, starting with the PS-IL1, then onto the PS-IL6R, PS-IL10R and now the CRI-1250R. Each step bringing an increase in functionality and lumen output, jumping from 250 to 1250 lumen!

The CRI-1250R first stepped into the light at the start of the year, with a bold new take on the portable work light. Instead of just one colour of working light, it has 3 colour temperatures to choose from, with either 2700k, 4500k or 6500k. These shades mimic sunlight’s natural change throughout the day, from a warmer colour temperature to a colder one. These independent shades are perfect for anyone who needs to accurately match colours or spot defects such as painters & detailers, but also for anyone that wants the option to change to a softer working light.

CRI-1250R Inspection Torch on Black

Its 1250 lumen output delivers on the promise of being a punchy performer and exudes a super wide working light from its COB LED. This light can be dimmed smoothly just by holding the switch down, which also provides the option to extend the runtime. The lights emitted are of the highest quality, rated to CRI 96+. This rating is close to the CRI 100 of natural daylight, assuring an accurate lighting output and a light that lessens eye strain. In addition to the main lighting features, the CRI-1250R also has a smaller top flood beam torch and 5W UV LEDs on its front, helping with a multitude of tasks including finding spills, leaks or any residue.

Keeping the CRI-1250R going is a powerful 5000mAh li-ion rechargeable battery. On its brightest setting it provides a full 3-hour runtime, but this can be extended to 24 hours through its various settings. Future proof as ever, the battery is recharged through Type-C USB, which is quickly displacing the older and slower charging micro-USB cables. In addition, it also comes with a magnetic charging base which can just be left in situ or even attached to a wall and used as a dedicated charging point. Charging and battery status is shown on the back of the light with 4 indicator LEDs, making it handy when you’re out and about enabling you to keep an eye on how much battery power you have remaining.

Build quality is of paramount importance, having a construction of toughened aluminium & polycarbonate. This, along with its IK07 shock resistance rating and drop proof resistance helps to keep the light from external harm and other threats its likely to encounter in a tough industrial environment. Thanks to its build quality it also has an IP65 rating, protecting it from both dust and water ingress.

Inspection lights are always better when you can use them handsfree. The CRI-1250R incorporates two strong rear magnets and one on its base, allowing it to be placed in just the right working position. If no metallic surface is available, then its retractable 360° rotating hook comes to the rescue to hang it for perfect light placement.

CRI-1250R Inspection Torch Hanging Hook

The CRI-1250R is the ultimate combination of a portable inspection light packed full of features and benefits, all designed to make life easier and provide additional functionality. The future of work lights is here, and it’s called the CRI-1250R!